24 Oct, 2017

How To Choose a Secure Password

infoAccording to a recent study carried out by Vanson Bourne consultants: 71% of companies worldwide aren’t sure how to manage and protect their data from theft.

Defining and implementing a strong password policy within your company is of paramount importance, since it allows to protect your data.

4 Rules To Define an Unbreakable Password

1. Choose a complex password

To ensure a secure password, it must contain at least 10 to 12 characters and must also include:

  • a capital letter,
  • a number,
  • a special character or a punctuation mark.

A complex password is more effective than a long one.

2. It must be easy to remember.

Obviously, the more complicated a password is, the hardest we think it will be to remember!  However, there is a useful method to do so. The first letter method consists in picking the first letters of a sentence. « My password is top secret since I created it 25 years ago! », the password would be « MpitssIci25ya! »

3. Don't use personal information

It is crucial not to use personal identity information, like birth date, social security number, name of your kids, etc. Such information would be easy to guess, therefore easy to crack.

ideaYou can find out online tools to check how strong your password is. It is even possible to find online tools to generate a secure password from scratch.

         4. Don't use the same password all the time

Avoid using the exact same password for different website accounts or applications. This way, if your password is cracked, the other accounts won't be put at risk.  

Set your password policy

Did you know that with Kizeo Forms you can define a password policy for all your users' accounts? To do so, log in into our platform, click the 'Settings' tab, then select 'Password policy'

It is very simple! As an admin or a group leader, you can choose a specific rule for passwords that all users must follow.

questionsYou want to learn more ? Read our tutorial on how to implement a password policy with regular expression.

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