07 Feb, 2020

Inspection checklist app with Kizeo Forms

Inspection checklist applications could help you save time by preventing duplicate data entries and manual errors. Inspections and audits have become a routine component of day-to-day operations, regardless of industry or job activity. You will no longer need to carry papers, cameras and manuals to carry out inspections!

ReFORM your inspections by going paperless!

Automate your inspections by creating and filling out all your inspection forms with Kizeo Forms. It can be done in just a few simple steps: Steps to create inspection forms with Kizeo Forms 1: Create your customized inspection checklist on our online platform: You can incorporate various smart elements in your form such as digital signatures, photos, sliders, add attachments and also make some fields visible or hidden based on various conditions. You can also assign users and teams who can fill, view or transfer forms.

2: Fill out your form from your mobile device or tablet: The users can seamlessly fill out the inspection checklists from any location (with or without an internet connection). You can also transfer pre-filled forms to save time. Access information in real time and have complete visibility of all operations.

3: Share or distribute the information collected: You can send the data collected via email, attach personalized reports, analyze the data as well as import this information on various business applications using our API Create your own inspection checklist application with the 100% customization capabilities offered by Kizeo Forms

Still not convinced? Here are some additional benefits of using Kizeo Forms instead of paper or other inspection apps!

  • Import your data and create simple and easy to use lists

  • Use the voice option to record your comments

  • Easily scan barcodes and NFC tags

  • Make certain field mandatory to avoid missing out on important information

  • Have access to unlimited data submissions and storage

  • Use conditional logic to change visibilty of fields in your form.

Here are some examples of the types of inspections you can perform with Kizeo Forms: Home inspections, crop inspections, risk assessments, quality checks, maintenance inspections, 5S audits, pest inspection and more!


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