14 Jun, 2018

Interview with Julie Negrel - Responsible for quality at Le Coq Noir

Kizeo: Can you please tell us about the company "Le Coq Noir"?

Julie.N: Of course, "Le Coq Noir" is a family business that was founded in 1979 by Mr. Lacasse. We are based in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. We make exotic canned sauces and condiments. Our particularity lies in the fact that we offer products without any additives. Today, the company Le Coq Noir works mainly with supermarkets, manufacturers and with delicatessens.

Kizeo: How did you come to use Kizeo Forms?

Julie.N: Within the company "Le Coq Noir", I hold the position of Quality Manager. I am in charge of carrying out hygiene audits to check the conformity of our products. Until now, I used paper forms and later reported my notes on an Excel file. This method was really long and tedious. By performing a double entry of information, I lost a lot of time. The manager of the company told me about Kizeo forms, an application that turns your mobile phone or tablet into a real work tool. It is a mobile solution, fully customizable and offers many possibilities.

Kizeo: Julie, Can you tell us how Kizeo Forms helped you in your professional activity?

Julie.N: Since I started using this application, I have saved a lot of time. Before, I had to re-enter all my data one by one in an Excel file .... Now, within 5 minutes, I can export this data directly to Excel format and transmit the information. Kizeo Forms has also allowed us to remove a large amount of paper which is even better for our CSR vision (Corporate Social Responsibility). I am very satisfied!

Kizeo: Do you plan to use Kizeo Forms in other areas of activity?

Julie.N: From a quality point of view, I think I use Kizeo Forms for everything I need. On the other hand, we have a project in mind to use it for other services. As you understand, we are committed to a CSR approach. As a result, we are always looking for new solutions to improve the working conditions of our employees. One of the things we want to improve is our method of collecting working hours and requests for paid leave. To progress on these points we made the choice to try Kizeo Forms for these areas.

Kizeo: What Kizeo Forms options do you use most often?

Julie.N: I mainly use the options "slider" and "checkbox". We have made the choice that all the criteria I have to audit are clearly defined and zoned. So all my fields are pre-filled by default and are compliant. When it is not the case I modify the field and add a comment. Finally, we also use the average functionality that provides a global vision on the area in a fraction of a second. It also helps us know if the goal has been achieved.

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