16 Oct, 2018

Interview with Sergio Hidalgo Valverde, Manager at the Piña Alegre company in Costa Rica

Sergio Hidalgo Valverde opens the doors of his company Piña Alegre in Costa Rica to explain how he implemented the Kizeo Forms digital forms to retrieve and analyze information directly from the field.

👤Testimonial by: Sergio Hidalgo Valverde,Logo-pina-alegre-costa-rica-1

🍍Company: Investment Piña Alegre, production and exportation of pineapples

🇨🇷Location: San Carlos, Costa Rica.

The company Piña Alegre

My name is Sergio Hidalgo Valverde, I am part of the family that founded the company 'Investment Piña Alegre'. Piña Alegre is a Costa Rican company that mainly produces and exports pineapples to the the European market. I analyze statistical information collected on the field to make business decisions in the office. We monitor our crops for pests, harvest estimates, growth and several other details.

From paper to digital forms

When we worked with paper, the process that consisted of saving this information manually in our database usually took from 2 to 48 hours. This increased the possibility of losing valuable  information. Collecting data on paper in the field is very complicated, from the fact that we work in an open field where it can rain at any time. Previously, it was very common that the papers that came to my office were stained, illegible and had to take into account the writing errors made by the person in charge of the sampling.

Kizeo Forms decreases the working time and therefore the margin of error. It makes the data collection process easier and more accessible because we can enter the data from the mobile phone.

The advantages of digital forms

Kizeo Forms covered our need to move from recording information on paper to digitization. The data collected was compatible with our databases. Also, I decrease the working time and therefore the margin of error. And it makes it easier and more accessible because we can do it from the mobile phone. The changes are incredible since all the information that is generated is compatible with the databases that I manage and it also gives me more information through audio files and photos. Even the exported files can contain graphs and summary tables that allow decisions to be made almost immediately.

At field level, what I like the most is the option of photographs since it gives me a vision of what is happening in the field in real time without being there.

A clear vision of what happens on the field

The implementation of Kizeo Forms starts with the creation of forms that capture the necessary information for the databases that we use on the field to collect plant monitoring data. We can collect data in the form of text, photographs or any other format as the person on the field can simply register it from his mobile device. We can just fill the form to send a personalized digital report automatically by email as well as store the data in the cloud or on storage sites like Dropbox.

At the field level, what I like and use the most are the photographs, since I can visualize the products without being on the field. So, I have a general vision, although not in detail, of what is happening in the field in real time.

Kizeo Forms undoubtedly facilitated our information management and helps us make the best decisions for our company on a daily basis.


Since the production process is recorded step by step, Kizeo Forms helps us with traceability allowing the company to easily and digitally understand all the actions performed on the product using the barcode feature. Kizeo Forms undoubtedly facilitated our information management and helps us make the best decisions for our company, helping us collect information that is digital, agile and accurate.

Sergio Hidalgo Valverde.

Thank you very much Sergio Hidalgo Valverde for sharing your thoughts!

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