13 Mar, 2019

Manage customer visits from your mobile device with the Kizeo Forms application!

✅ Improve customer relationships

Why spend a whole day in administrative management when it is possible to enter all the information from your customer visits directly from your tablet or smartphone? You can do so within a few minutes! The Kizeo Forms application allows you to monitor your business activities in real time. To increase the productivity of your teams, it is possible to “digitalize” all the administrative activities which, on paper, take a considerable amount of time. Our application will generate sales quotes, invoices as well as other customized reports immediately and automatically. With the help of a business management application, your team will have more time to listen to their customers and meet their needs.

🔍 Improve traceability with our sales management software

Productivity undeniably depends on the traceability of your data. Unlike Kizeo Forms, paper does not allow you to centralize, communicate, or archive all your customer information. It is essential, however, to have unlimited, fast and easy access to all your customer data to make relevant decisions. Kizeo Forms, our business management application, offers you through its web creation space many features (signature, barcode, NFC, Geolocation) for:


Archive data

Your customer visit reports will remain available for life on the back-office (history area) of the application! 



Stay informed

Using email scenarios automatically send customers and the relevant departments your bills and quotes and speed up processing time.



Control workflows

Thanks to the “mandatory fields” and to the “signature validation by the manager” action, it is possible to control the sales proposals within and between your teams. 



Analyze your data:

Kizeo Forms can generate dashboards, at the frequency of your choice, to help you analyze your data


⭐️ Our business management software can modernize your brand image

By using the Kizeo Foms application  to manage sales, you can perform all the sales force administrative tasks (customer visit reports, quotes & invoices, expense reports) and  significantly reduce the use of paper in your company. You will send a strong message to your customers that you have made the choice to commit yourselves to "save our planet”. As consumers, we are sensitive to the origin of our products and the ecological impact that a company’s activity can have on our environment.

"I use a lot of forms so it’s quite difficult to quantify. However, I estimate my time savings in the range of one hour to two hours per week."

- Guillaume Jouault, Manager at Flunity Services.

"It is with pleasure that I express my satisfaction with the expense claims made via Kizeo Forms, it’s quick and easy. Our technicians carry out their statements of expenses daily. They attach the photo of the payment vouchers, which allows us, in case of loss of this proof, to find a proof. I just have to check, at the end of the month that the total fees entered correspond to the credit card statement. It’s a time saver for everyone!"

- Melodie Douge -Accounting Manager at IPFLEX

You have everything to gain by digitizing your customer visit reports with our sales management application: avoid errors, improve accuracy, analyze data history, transfer data instantly... All these advantages will have a direct and beneficial impact on your turnover.

Go digital today!

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