01 Apr, 2019

Manage Equipment Rentals with the Kizeo Forms application!

📲 Digitalize Rental Management

Managing equipment rentals involves management of various activities such as defining a rental contract, creating rental agreements, terms and conditions, maintaining equipments, managing disputes, insurance, inventory, invoicing, etc. The use of paper forms to mange these processes results in lost time and decrease in efficiency due to re-transcriptions, lack of security and data centralization and no technical add ons such as photo attachments, barcode scanning, embedded lists, etc

Kizeo Forms can help in digitalizing all these activities from a single platform. You can create customized forms and use various elements such as digital signatures, barcode scanning, photos, geolocation, checklists and more! You can attach customized reports to your forms and ensure they are sent to the right person/department once the form is completed. This helps in managing tasks of various department using a single flexible application. The data is retrieved and stored on the server and can be easily exported and analyzed.

Rental management with Kizeo Forms

Numerous benefits with a single application!

  • Gagnez du tempsSave time by managing all activities from a single platform, using pre-filled fields, transmitting data to the right person directly and avoiding re-transcriptions.
  • Save money by avoiding paper costs, printing costs as well as by improving workforce efficiency. Increase the number of hours worked
  • Improve workforce efficiency by managing diverse activities and improving the co-ordination between various departments.
  • Centralize information and define access rights for various users ensuring the right information is visible to the right person/group/department
  • Benefit from 100% customization enabling you to import your logo on the application as well as customize reports with your logo and text formats to ensure that your documents are uniform and follow company branding rules.

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