09 Jun, 2022

Mobile Forms: A Perfect Match For Your Manufacturing Venture

Being the business owner of a manufacturing company is far from easy. Performing packaging and site audits, supervising personnel, meeting quality standards…the list of demands goes on. It’s impossible to do it all alone; you’ll need a solid team and solid tools behind you to help you match the necessary standards for success. 

Now, we’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news? We can’t help you out on the recruitment side of things, so you and your colleagues will have to build your team without us. BUT, the good news? In terms of the tools, Kizeo Forms can offer you a top-notch technological business partner to help keep your manufacturing business running smoothly: our mobile forms. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you; we’ll be your guide, ensuring that our mobile forms app stays as user-friendly as possible.

THE WHAT - First things first, what are mobile forms?

Well, mobile forms are digital forms that you can design by following already existing form templates, or from scratch. They are created by using a form builder application that allows you to customise each form to fit your company’s unique needs. Once ready, each form can be filled out from the mobile device of your choice! You can use your perfectly tailored mobile forms to collect and subsequently analyse data, and supervise your team with the touch of a button, all while reducing mistakes, saving time and money, and increasing productivity. The bad news is…well, actually, there’s no bad news when it comes to the benefits of mobile forms!

Male and female colleague engineers collecting data through mobile forms

THE HOW: How do I make the most out of mobile forms as an asset to my manufacturing company?

It’s important to note that although many mobile forms apps offer a wide variety of features, not all of them offer smart features. But we’ve got even more good news for you: Kizeo Forms actually does! That’s right…our smart features will help you customise your mobile forms in even more detailed and specific ways, enabling you to design forms that are a perfect match for your needs and the needs of your manufacturing company. These features will help make your company’s day to day operations much easier, faster, and more cost-efficient.

THE PROCESSES: Which manufacturing procedures will the Kizeo Forms digital solution be able to enhance?

Because there are so many procedures to supervise when it comes to running a manufacturing company, counting on a mobile forms app is a surefire way to keep affairs centralised and in order. Our mobile forms will ensure that all of your business information is stored in the same centralised place, which you will be able to access simply by tapping the screen of your mobile device. 

Male and female engineers discussing data collected thouh mobile forms

Here are just a few of the many manufacturing procedures that Kizeo’s mobile forms will be able to help you facilitate simultaneously:

  • Inventory tracking: Let our forms keep track of the number of ordered materials, finished products, handling procedures, and inventory receipts. All you’ll need to do is touch a button.

  • Site audits: Our forms can assist with the inspection of processes to ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency within your company.

  • Equipment verifications: Let our forms assist with the inspection of products to ensure their quality, accuracy, and consistency as well.

  • Team management: Use our forms to help you supervise your team members and ensure that they are on task.

  • Risk assessments: Let our forms help you identify and get a handle on potentially hazardous situations. 

Middleaged male inspector performing a site audit using mobile forms

THE FEATURES: Some of the distinguished smart features that Kizeo Forms includes are:

  • Checklists: Our checklists are simple, straightforward, user-friendly, allow users to manage teams and tasks efficiently, and reduce mistakes by leaps and bounds. You’ll be able to collect necessary data, supervise personnel and day to day operations, and increase productivity significantly.

  • Geolocation: Our geolocation feature will enable you to locate yourself or others by recording the geographical position of the user in question. Geolocation technology can help you to gather client traffic and sales information, improve your search engines, change online and foot traffic into loyal clientele, promote client loyalty, and build better relationships with clients.

  • Voice recording: This convenient feature will allow you to attach voice recordings to your files. You’ll be able to ensure that your team members have the most specific, detailed information possible as they tackle their To-Do Lists.

  • Barcode scanning: Scan items right on your mobile device! This means you’ll be able to scan from ANYWHERE, making business SO much more accessible and convenient!

Male and female colleagues analysing data collected using mobile forms

Overseeing a plethora of details is just par for the course when it comes to overseeing a manufacturing business. But, for Kizeo Forms, the highest quality mobile form builder and smart features are just par for the course, and our second to none technological tools are more than ready to assist you. Still feeling unsure? No problem. Schedule your free trial today, and give our mobile forms a test run, no credit card required. You’ll get to experience our mobile forms’ potential firsthand, and then decide whether or not you want to become an official Kizeo user.

Our forms builder will get you started, and once you yourself are actually using our mobile forms and unparalleled smart features, you’ll see an increase in both quality and productivity. It’ll be impossible to ignore the fact that Kizeo’s mobile forms are a perfect match for the manufacturing industry.

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