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09 Jun, 2022

Mobile Forms: A Perfect Match For Your Manufacturing Venture

Being the business owner of a manufacturing company is far from easy. Performing packaging and site audits, supervising personnel, meeting quality standards…the list of demands goes on. It’s impossible to do it all alone; you’ll need a solid team and solid tools behind you to help you match the necessary standards for success.  Now, we’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news? We can’t help you out on the recruitment side of things, [...]

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22 Sep, 2020

Mobile forms for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Who is an original equipment manufacturer? An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a manufacturer that produces components and materials that can be sold by another manufacturer. A company that produces automobile parts such as engine and batteries is an example of an OEM. These parts are later put together and sold by car manufacturers. Several other examples can be seen in the software and hardware industry.

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28 Feb, 2019

Bruce Allen, Project Manager at BSMG Consulting shares his experience with Kizeo Forms

🏢 Company: BSMG Consulting, Australia ⭐️ Testimonial by: Bruce Allen 🤵 Position: Project Manager ⚙️Industry: Manufacturing

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24 Dec, 2018

Manufacture Relationships and Distribute Quality! Discover Digital Forms for Manufacturing

⚙️Increase Operational Efficiency! Manufacturing industries rely on speed, accuracy and quality to gain a competitive advantage. The use of paper forms is a strong hindrance in obtaining this. Kizeo Forms can help you digitalize your operations through out the value chain and ensure lean manufacturing.

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