27 Nov, 2019

Optimize your processes with digital forms!

Digital forms are the key to solving many problems

go paperless and shift to mobile forms

With the Kizeo Forms application, you can transform all your paper documents into digital formats. Accessible from your smartphones and tablets, they will radically transform the management of your interventions. The advantage of digital forms is that they are very flexible. They are the solution to simplify the collection of data. They can be filled in and revised with just a few clicks. It is possible to capture data under any circumstances, even from areas where Internet connectivity does not exist! You will also be able to integrate all the data from your forms onto most of your business applications (Sales force, CRM, Oracle, Sage, etc.).

The digitalization of administrative processes (intervention form, follow-up forms, checklist...) has many advantages, you can:

  • Increase the efficiency of your teams by standardizing and simplifying the data collection process

  • Send your customized reports directly from the field

  • Facilitate communication between your employees by exchanging information in real time

  • Analyze all your data in a few clicks and make strategic decisions

Send customized reports

Add several elements

Send notifications to your teams

Manage users' rights and permissions

5 reasons as to why you should create your digital forms with Kizeo Forms

An application for all your needs!

Instantly create and enter all your forms: ATEX forms, Installation Certificate, Audit checklists, Safety checks, Quality Assurance, OSHA, etc...

Our users generate reports 5 times faster than before

You can significantly reduce the administrative costs at your company by permanently getting rid of paper. Digital forms will drive new business opportunities through the automation of all your business processes.

A solution that improves the quality of interactions with your customers and partners

Once the data has been collected, customized reports will be automatically generated and can be sent to the appropriate individuals.  Kizeo Forms facilitates the management of administrative tasks while streamlining communication in your department or company.

Increase productivity by up to 30%.

 Kizeo Forms is the ideal tool to optimize the performance of your teams. By digitalizing the data collection processes using digital forms, you will avoid the duplication of data entries and increase accuracy .

Identify new opportunities

From your dedicated account, it is possible to analyze the field data to evaluate your competitive advantages and business opportunities. You can take the necessary measures quickly and efficiently over time.

Go digital today!

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