14 Apr, 2022

Our Inside Scoop To Increase Productivity

Invisible manager, reporting for duty! We’ve got a plan, a paperless plan for success, and we’re giving YOU the exclusive scoop. We’ll give you some insider tips to help increase your company’s productivity in a HUGE way, all through the use of our form builder. We’ve got to use what we know works. As we know all too well by now, checklists are easy and straightforward to use and significantly reduce mistakes. So, to help you to create the perfect form by utilising Kizeo’s mobile forms, we will, of course, use another checklist!

Let’s keep it simple and make sure we’re ticking all the right boxes:

Purpose: Keep It Clear! Keep It Relevant!

When creating a mobile form, you’ll want to be specific about the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY:

  • WHO will be filling out this form?
  • WHAT information do I want to collect?
  • WHY am I creating this form?

By keeping the specific answers to these questions in mind, you’ll be able to stay clear and relevant.

Check! Check!

Male engineer collecting data through mobile forms and increaing his organisations productivity consequently

Smart Features: Keep It Quick! Keep It Easy!

It’s your lucky day! Many other mobile form apps don’t offer smart features, but Kizeo does! Our app offers

  • CHECKLISTS: use them to collect data, reduce mistakes, and increase productivity.

  • SLIDE BARS: add as many slider fields as you want, in a wide variety of formats. Just drag and drop; it’s that simple!

  • GEOLOCATION: use it to record the geographical position of mobile form app users.

  • VOICE RECORDINGS: use these to attach voice recordings to your mobile forms for even MORE convenience.

By adding smart features to your Kizeo Forms, you’ll make the process of filling out those forms a lot faster and a lot easier.

Check! Check!

Male construction workers taking advantage of mobile forms smart features to increase their productivity

Layout: Keep It Vertical! Keep It Structured! Keep It Legible!

To ensure that your mobile forms are easy to read and user-friendly, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • USE A SIMPLE, VERTICAL LAYOUT: forms with simple, vertical layouts are a lot more straightforward and much easier to read. Avoid horizontal or multi-column layouts if you can help it.

  • BREAK INFORMATION DOWN INTO SECTIONS: doing so will allow users to scan your forms with ease. Want another helpful hint? Ask for the simplest information at the beginning and work your way through from there.

Woman building mobile forms to increase her organisations productivity

  • USE A CLEAR, COMMON FONT: using clear and common font sizes and types will make it easy for everyone to navigate and understand your form.

Check! Check! Check!

By ticking all these boxes, your organisation will, without a doubt, keep it productive. And that’s the most rewarding check of them all.

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