20 Aug, 2018

Prevent occupational risks with a risk prevention app!

The safety of professionals is fundamental in many economic sectors. Risk prevention is extremely necessary in these sector. For example, in the oil or mining industry, many elements of the work environment can represent a danger and therefore must be reported and corrected. Any potential risk must be taken very seriously: it can be a damaged tool, operators that neglect safety rules or the handling of high risk products.

The companies implement strict procedures to prevent and avoid these labor risks. Thus, they usually complete and share daily reports of the activity in the oil wells or near-accident reports. The use of paper documents that later have to be entered in a Word or Excel file and the bad internet connection in the well contributes to a lot of time and resources spent just for documentation.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed workplace fatality rates by occupation to identify the 25 most dangerous jobs based on data obtained in 2016. Click here for more information.Safety forms

devicesThe digital revolution

Digitization has revolutionized many labor procedures thanks to the appearance of modern tools that replace paper. Kizeo Forms is one of them: it allows you to create the equivalent of any paper document in digital version such as checklist of the status of materials, inspection, accident report and more. Furthermore, your team in the field can complete these digital forms from their smartphone or tablet (Android, iOs or Windows) and that too without an internet connection.

Automate risk prevention reports with Kizeo Forms

The reports that are filled in on the mobile device is instantly generated in the format of your choice (PDF, Excel or Word), it is stored securely on your online platform. Additionally, emails can automatically be activated to one or several people to share the results of the report. This means that in the case of an imminent risk, the information is immediately shared with those responsible, who can then take corrective actions and avoid an accident.

Types of documents to prevent risks

The Kizeo Forms online platform allows you to create a wide variety of forms.The user can create a form according to his needs and to adapt to his role and industry he works in. As an example, the following forms may be used:

Smart options

The numerous options offered by Kizeo Forms provides an indisputable advantage for the creation of digital forms

  • Digital signature to formalize a report
  • Audio to record a testimony or an accident report
  • Checklist option to fill a report quickly
  • List of suggestions in which you can integrate your own databases
  • Photo(s) to illustrate your report
  • Geolocation to locate the exact place of events

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