18 Jul, 2019

Secret to Lead retrieval from any location, CRM integration and analysis

Lead retrieval is a key process for field sales executives. Through this article, learn the secret to automating data collection and the various benefits that accompany it. Follow a few simple steps to start automating this process at your enterprise.

Field Sales executives collect customer information and process them on the go. This is a recurring and important activity and affects sales objectives. This information can be collected from a mobile device, excel sheets or paper.

How to automate the lead retrieval process?

Lack of automation can make the lead retrieval process extremely cumbersome and painful. The Kizeo Forms application can help you collect customer information on your mobile device. The offline mode helps you collect data from the remotest areas.

Be it an event, trade show or customer visit manage your leads directly from your mobile device. The application is simple and very easy to use. Create your form on the Back-office and fill them out from your mobile device or tablet. Lead retrieval with Kizeo Forms

Benefits of digitizing the lead retrieval process

Our solution can help you ease paperwork at your enterprise. Some Key benefits of using our app for lead retrieval are:

  • Ensure GDPR Regulations are met while you capture leads thanks to the signature and choice elements.

  • Easy data transfer to customers and team. Follow up with your customers quickly to avoid lost sales

  • Capture business card photos on your form using the photo element

  • Send marketing materials and pricing lists directly via email once the information is collected.

  • Integrate information to your CRM, process and analyze the data

Simple steps to get you started

Start your free trial by creating your account. Create your lead retrieval forms or use the  templates available on our library on the Back-office. Fill out your data from any location on your mobile device or tablet. At a reasonable price, you can control all your sales activities from your mobile! Generate more revenue at your enterprise by spending less time collecting data and more time closing sales. Our clients have seen an increase in workforce productivity by 30%.

Go digital today!

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