30 Jul, 2020

What are mobile forms? Why shift to mobile forms?

An increasing number of companies are confronted with the paperwork problems. Using modern technology, they are able to say goodbye to paper forms and thus digitalise administrative and operational processes.

How do they do it? By using a mobile forms app. So, what are mobile forms?

These types of solutions stand out in the market because they are easy to implement, safe and low cost. As increasing number of employees use mobile devices it seems like an ideal solution. However, there are companies that, due to lack of knowledge, still rely on paper. That's why today we tell you in detail what it is and what you can do with a forms app.

What are mobile forms?

Simply put, a mobile forms app is a mobile data capture solution. It allows you to collect a variety of information (photos, geolocation, drawings, barcodes, signature, etc.). It works with or without internet access. It is the perfect tool for field workers.

Once this information is collected, the application generates a customised report. This report will be automatically sent to the staff involved by email. In other words, it is a tool capable of digitalising administrative and operational processes:

work order, time sheet, service report, inventory control, delivery report, inspection order and more.

On the other hand, as its name indicates, it is an application software. Its main function is to facilitate business work. It can be connected with other systems such as ERP and CRM, so the information is centralised and can flow quickly.

Another important feature is that mobile forms software is a cloud solution. You don't need to install anything on your computer or have your own servers to maintain. A good forms app offers a secure, cloud-based service.

What are mobile forms applications and how does a mobile forms app work?

The first thing to know is that the success of these forms apps is their ease of use. You should be able to use the application in just a few steps.

Step 1: Creating forms

Kizeo Forms form builder 3A web platform/form builder is provided to create the forms. From there, you can easily build your forms, using the " drag and drop" system. No programming knowledge is required.

Among the form fields available are: photo, Multiple choices and Geolocation. Some other fields are barcode reader, automatic calculation and digital signature. You can also import your database to simplify information capture.

Among the most attractive functionalities are validation systems and the creation of mail scenarios. In this way, a form can be filled in by the technician and transferred to the superior for approval. Once validated, the report is generated and sent to the rest of the team.

Another outstanding feature is the option of pre-filled forms. These are useful because once created they are assigned to the staff in charge. This person receives a notification on his mobile phone and thus knows that he has a new task to perform; he can also view it in the app's agenda.

In short, by creating digital forms you can simplify and standardise data capture and collect data from any location. As a result, everyone involved uses the same formats and avoids manual writing errors.

Step 2: User specification

Once the forms are ready, it is time to manage the teams that will work with them. From the web platform, users are created and the level of access they will have to the forms and the information collected is defined. With this step covered, it will be easy to assign the forms to the staff and do the respective follow-up.

Step 3: Automatic report design

You have the possibility to completely configure the report that will be sent automatically. For example, you can add your company's header, font and style. This way, the report will reflect your company's image.

construction management mobile appStep 4: Fill in the forms from the app

On a mobile phone or tablet, download the application and start filling in the forms. You can complete forms with or without internet connection. It's that simple!

Imagine you have a maintenance company and today you have to do a machine inspection. You arrive at the site, open the app and fill out the inspection form.

You register everything requested and add photos for greater accuracy. You ask for your client's signature for validation and you sign it too. It is the perfect way to save time.

Once the service is finished, you send the report to the indicated personnel. By doing so, you can indicate in real time if everything is in order or if a new visit should be assigned to repair the machinery.

With these four steps you know the basics of the mobile forms solutions and what you can do with them. Whether you are in the construction, service, agriculture, sales or other sectors, the digitalisation of forms can help you to optimise your processes. With such tools you will not only make your forms digital. You will also apply an effective process of information collection and monitoring.

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