07 Apr, 2022

What Elements Can I Use in Smart Forms?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where static forms just don't cut it? Smart Forms have been growing in workplaces. Healthcare institutions, construction sites, and even agricultural establishments are discovering the advantages of this working partner.

However, to make the most out of them, smart forms must be used properly. All of their features must be taken advantage of. Every user should know, in detail, which elements to use, and how to capitalise them.

To help you accomplish this, we've compiled some of our favourite smart features that you can use in your forms! Read on to learn about them.

The drag & drop element

Let’s start at the beginning. When creating your forms, most mobile form apps offer the possibility of using the “drag and drop” feature. This makes form creation very easy and user-friendly. By viewing all of the field alternatives your form creator has to offer, you will be sure to include the ones that best meet your needs.

Man creating smart forms on his computer, using Kizeo Forms drag and drop element

Kizeo Forms’ form builder, for example, shows on the right hand or your screen, the different fields available to build your form. On the left one, you will see a virtual tablet representing what your form looks like. All you need to do is drag the elements you would like to use, and drop them on the left side of your screen. You will be able to arrange these elements in any order, based on your needs, and even rename fields. If you'd like to learn more about how to create forms using Kizeo Forms, follow this link and find out!

The electronic signature

This feature is common to many mobile form apps. The signature element allows the user to prevent any change from being made to their form after it has been signed and saved. In some cases, applying this signature locks the form. In others, if a user attempts to modify the form after it has been signed, the signatures will be deleted, and they will no longer be valid.
This feature is very useful when filling in contracts, or surveys and reports that need to be approved. If you’d like to find out how to set up this element in your forms, click on this link and learn more!

Happy young couple shaking hands with real estate businesswoman after signing a contract through smart forms

The geolocation element

Have you heard of smart elements? These aren't present in most form apps but can help you take your forms further. Customising your forms will allow you to collect more detailed information, thus improving your organisation’s efficiency. Kizeo Forms is one of the few form apps that include smart elements. One of them is “geolocation”.

The geolocation element allows you to locate yourself or your users by recording your geographical position. This feature is very useful when working on large sites, as it enables the user to pinpoint accurately where something needs to be fixed or taken care of.

This element also comes in handy for the Safety Department of any organisation. By using this feature, team members can report on accidents and precisely establish where they happened. This makes it easy for the corresponding team to fix any hazard or threat, to avoid incidents from reoccurring.

Male and woman engineers gathering information using smart forms

The drawing element

Sometimes words aren’t enough, some of us are visual learners. The drawing element allows the user to make a sketch, take a photo or choose a picture from a mobile device (Photo Library) and then annotate it to report a problem, for example.

Once again, this element is not available in all mobile forms apps. However, if you are interested in it, Kizeo Forms allows all of its users to benefit from it (and for no additional cost!).

Some common uses given to this feature include:

  • Real estate agents make the most out of it while they assess the apartments they rent. The “drawing field” is a tool they use when noticing a defect during the initial inspection or degradation after a tenant moves out.

  • Vehicle inspectors take great advantage of this element. By using it, they can clearly show where vehicles have been damaged, and need repair.

  • Doctors use the drawing element to show the evolution of their patients before and after a procedure or treatment.

The drawing element can help your team better understand what is happening in the field, in a visual and clear way. Consequently, communication between teams will improve, and so will their productivity!


Male vehicle inspector taking advantage of the drawing element of Kizeo Forms smart forms

As you can see, these elements can be enjoyed by users of all industries! If you found them interesting, dive into Kizeo Forms’ website and learn about the dozens of features this forms app has to offer. By using these features in your smart forms, you will be able to take your organisation to the next level! 

If you are ready to boost your productivity with smart forms, schedule a free trial and take digital forms out for a spin!


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