27 Jun, 2018

What is a digital form?

A digital form is the equivalent of a paper document that is used to collect data. There is a great variety of documents that can be digitized. Among them, we can name the expense report, the timesheet, the safety report and, in general, any type of surveys and inspections. Forms are constantly used for various purposes in all industries. Some forms require moving to another location outside your office such as field inspections. It is more convenient to use digital forms in such situations as it avoids duplicating the data entry from the paper form to the computer.

The digital form can reproduce absolutely all the elements of a paper form, such as writing text, drawing a sketch, filling in a checkbox or adding a signature. What's more, the digital form is even more powerful because it allows you to include options that do not exist with paper forms!

paper versus digital

Empower your organisation with Digital Forms

Below are some of the options available with digital forms that do not exist with the paper document:

  • Take photo(s) from your mobile device and add them to your report.

  • Automatically detect your geographical position and indicate GPS data or address in your reports.

  • Offer complete lists with options, allowing the user who fills out the digital form in the field to choose his answer. These lists may contain additional elements that allow you to automatically fill in several fields of your digital form at the same time. They are called lists with attributes. The fields of the form can be dynamic, that is, according to the previously completed answers, other fields of the form appear or disappear.

  • Record voice messages! Use the voice dictation option available on most smartphones.

  • Scan barcodes and NFC tags.

  • Create a table that allows entering a series of information several times.

  • Configure automatic calculations

  • Make certain fields of the form mandatory to ensure that all necessary information is captured.

  • Save this document directly to the server or to your Dropbox account.

  • Send emails instantly with the data of the digital form that you just filled out.

If you are still not convinced of the enormous benefit of the digital form, see the illustration above that summarizes everything!

How does the digital form work?

Step 1: Create your digital form

Create your digital formThe first stage is to create a digital form from the Kizeo Forms online platform. We recommend that you do it from your computer. You can easily add the options you want to design a form that is tailored, perfectly adapted to what your activity requires.


Step 2: Fill out your digital form

Fill your digital form

Once the form is created and saved, you can fill it out from any mobile device. For that, download the Kizeo Forms application on your device first. Our application is available on the AppStore, Google Play and the Microsoft store.


Step 3: Recover captured data

Recover and export the dataThe last step is to recover the captured data that will be available instantly on the online platform. You can export this information in the format you want to analyze it.


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