03 Jan, 2017

What to expect from the biggest tech show of the year ?

The year’s biggest tech event is also the first of 2017: CES. It is like a tardy Santa Claus with his gift of new consumer tech! What to expect at the biggest tech show of the year?

  • Classic shows of the CES: TVs. The theme will be 4K and HDR. As the price barrier for entering 4K is pretty much gone; TV makers must sell the content.

  • Automotive technology. We started with a single automaker few years ago (Ford), now we can see an entire conference half filled with automakers and suppliers. Autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels, driverless tech and connected cars will both play a big part at this CES.

  • Wireless audio. It is not a new phenomenon, but last year has been a year that’s accelerated their proliferation into the market thanks to Apple and its latest iPhone.

  • Camera: they will be add into everything like drones, smartphones, toys…

  • Wearables: 2016 was not a great year for wearables (Android wear, Fitbit, Apple Watch..). Maybe, the “smart” glasses or Kids wearable can have some value.

  • PC: we can expect: hardware designs, processor upgrades, all-in-ones or monitor with moving hinges and affordable virtual reality packages.

  • Gamin and VR: augmented reality, 4K gaming, new hardware and accessories.

  • The smart home: it has grown bigger and bigger every year. A “war” can become apparent as companies announce several products with Alexa integration.

It is given us an idea of what exactly we can see. But, we should keep in mind: the best part at CES, is often what is unexpected! Note: “CES is a registered trademark of the Consumer Technology Association.”

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