03 Oct, 2019

Why choose Kizeo Forms over other Mobile Forms applications?

Are you currently trying to digitalize data collection at your enterprise? This article will help you choose the right application that will perfectly cater to your data collection needs!

How to choose the right mobile forms application?

Be it any industry or department, data collection lies at the heart of all activities. Field professionals have a hard time choosing the right app. The ideal app ensures that they can transfer data from any location to the right person and in real time. With several apps to choose from picking the right one is cumbersome. Below are a few reasons to choose Kizeo Forms over other mobile forms applications for your data collection needs! 


Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Forms

Other applications

Other apps
Price All functionalities and options for a price of €9.90 Price greater than €9.90 and increases with additional functionalities
Forms, submissions & data storage Unlimited forms, submissions and data storage Additional charges for forms, submissions and data storage
Form fields Multiple form elements such as table, geolocation, choice, signature, calculation with visibility conditions. Limited form field options and no visibility options
Languages Available in multiple languages Single language
Customization 100% Limited
Regular expressions ✔︎
Conditional logic ✔︎
Data imports ✔︎
Personal Data Protection options ✔︎
Forms Library at no additional cost ✔︎
Signature Authentication ✔︎
Create and define user groups ✔︎
All industries and departments ✔︎
Filtered views ✔︎

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List of a few other functionalities offered by Kizeo Forms
  • Address
  • Analyze Data
  • Audio
  • Barcode
  • Barcode scanning
  • Calculations
  • Checklists
  • Customized pdf, word, excel
  • Data Storage
  • Date & Time
  • Drawing
  • E-mail
  • Electronic Signature
  • File Storage
  • Fixed Text
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Import Data
  • Insert a PDF or JPG file
  • Mobile App
  • NFC Tag
  • Offline mode
  • Photo
  • Service
  • History
  • Tracking
  • Slider
  • Submissions
  • Table

What will I gain?

Gain time and productivity

Our customers profit by:

  • Saving 2 hours per day by avoiding data re-entries

  • 30% increase in productivity by managing data more efficiently

  • Generating reports 5 times faster with mobile forms

  • Minimizing errors by generating accurate and detailed reports with Kizeo forms

  • Seeing a rise in opportunities and revenue

  • Strengthening their brand value

  • Transforming the way they do business by taking the step to digitalization with  Kizeo Forms

  • Saving money on a daily business with the advanced digital capabilities of the application

  • Improving data security

  • Centralizing data and improving accessibility

  • Switching to mobile support with ease

Let's get started!

You can test the Kizeo forms application (all functionalities) without any commitment for free for a period of 15 days! Just follow the below steps to get started: digital journey

  • Create your account

  • Create a form or use a form from our library on the form builder(web platform)

  • Fill out the form you created or copied from the Kizeo Forms  mobile application

  • View your history and reports from the online platform

Go digital today!

Create an account to test the Kizeo Forms App Free of charge for 15 days !

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