16 Aug, 2021

Why should you automate administrative and operational tasks within your enterprise?

Automating administrative and operational tasks is a fundamental aspect of the digital transformation of companies. In essence, it is the use of technology to streamline and improve tasks that:

  • are monotonous and repetitive
  • have to be performed in a certain order
  • handle a significant amount of data or information
  • involve several people from different areas or departments.

The importance of automating administrative and operational tasks

Daily report mobile application Kizeo FormsThe automation of jobs or tasks consists of the implementation and use of appropriate IT tools and technology. These tools and technology are used to support work processes that involve several people and have to be carried out in a specific order.

Typically, such tasks are driven by a range of data that needs to be captured, integrated and transformed. Software focused on the automation of administrative and operational tasks is an essential tool for companies to maintain a high level of competitiveness.

The main advantage of task automation is that it frees employees from repetitive and cumbersome tasks, which consume a lot of time and effort. This allows professionals to spend more time on more creative and value-adding activities. In addition, a well-designed and well-executed automation process, executed using the right software and applications, ensures much more efficient work. In addition, errors can be eliminated and minimised or, in any case, detected and solved as early as possible.

Other benefits of automating administrative tasks include:

  • Helps to improve the company's productivity levels and profitability.
  • Improves internal communication.
  • Facilitates remote working.
  • Very effective tool for integrating systems and workflows.
  • Reduces all types of costs: operating costs, paper, printing, overtime, etc.
  • Improves the workloads of employees, thus optimising resources.
  • Allows traceability of products and services at all times.
  • Enables real-time monitoring of results and return on investment.

What tasks are worth automating?

In reality, automation can be deployed efficiently and economically in virtually all types of tasks. These range from routine, unspecialised tasks to much more complex functions. It all depends on the implementation process and the capabilities and functionalities of the software or application used to execute it. Some examples of tasks or functions for which automation is particularly recommended are: Repetitive, everyday office tasks: These include the recording or capture of data, either with digital forms or paper forms, excel tables, reports etc.

Although these are routine tasks, they often cause problems such as high error rates, limited value addition or lack of motivation among the professionals in charge of carrying them out. Interdepartmental work: Through automation, information exchange processes can be set up between the different departments of the same company. In this way, there is improved communication and greater efficiency and fluidity, avoiding redundancies and unnecessary repetitions. Support for specialised work: Complex jobs can also be automated, such as: taking inventory, managing work orders or controlling and approving expense claims automatically.

How can Kizeo Forms help you automate administrative tasks?

timesheet app with kizeo formsKizeo Forms is an application for generating digital forms and reports, which allows you to work on smartphones and tablets. One of its many applications is the automation of all types of administrative and operational tasks.

The Kizeo Forms application for automating tasks is based on a very practical and effective concept. It allows you to generate forms and workflow programmes from the web platform. You can then capture the data in the field, with total comfort, from a smartphone or tablet. The extensive functionalities and integration capacity of Kizeo Forms facilitate, the generation of customised reports in real-time. These reports can be sent to specific individuals and data can be shared with the company's ERP system, via the cloud.

Through the proper use of Kizeo Forms it is possible to take task automation to a higher level, standardising all types of operations and achieving greater coherence and coordination between the different departments of the company. It is also possible to work on the cloud and even without an internet connection and then upload the data, establishing a custom permissions protocol for each user. This guarantees the confidentiality of the information and avoids manipulation, whether intentional or caused by human error. Another added value of Kizeo Forms in relation to automation is that it allows you to assign tasks in a very well organised and efficient way, thanks to its planning functionalities.

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