22 Aug, 2019

Why use an application to track your hours worked on an iPhone?

Do you work on the field? You are undoubtedly looking for ways to reduce the time spent on paperwork on a daily basis.  The best solution is to use an application to track your hours worked on an iPhone or iPad! With it, you will simplify and reduce the time allocated to these mandated tasks.

What are the advantages of using an application to record your office hours?

Eliminate time spent on administrative constraints

As a field worker, your priority is to focus on your core business. The number of interventions as well as unforeseen events can lengthen your working day. The hours spent on administrative tasks then becomes a real constraint. Simplify your life by using your mobile phone on a daily basis to quickly record your schedules. No need to come back to the office, your time sheet is sent in real time to the accounting department for a quick entry on your pay slip.

Using Kizeo Forms on your iPhone or iPad will also improve your tracking capabilities. With automatic geolocation and electronic signature, you can authenticate the information you want to transmit. Check-in times, check-out times, overtime, night hours, you can be certain that you are transmitting reliable information to your manager. Note the hours worked on your iphone with Kizeo Forms

How to simplify the management of all administrative tasks?

Facilitate all your administrative procedures

Simplify the management of your working hours on a daily basis! Using an application does not only allow you to record your working hours quickly and efficiently. You will also simplify all your daily administrative procedures. You will, for example:

  • Significantly reduce the processing and reimbursement time for your expense reports,

  • Speed up the validation of your leave requests,

  • Report an incident or near-accident as soon as possible,

  • Instantly transmit a report directly from a construction site or to a customer.

Choose a solution that is easy to use and affordable!

With the Kizeo Forms application, you do not need any computer knowledge or training. Available on the App Store and Google Play, this solution also does not require any prior financial investment. No more forgetting and input errors! Recording your schedules or vacation requests is child's play.

As you will have understood, choosing a mobile application for managing your hours and administrative requests is the right solution for field jobs. Eliminating the need to go back and forth to the office and freeing yourself from paper constraints will save you a considerable amount of time.

Go digital today!

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