26 Jan, 2023

Data security with mobile forms

Are you working in a business that is stuck in an age of paper forms? Are you still printing and signing contracts? Are you requiring expense forms to be completed in hard copy with paper receipts attached? If this sounds like you, you’re likely up against some challenging data security issues. 

Paper documents not only have to be stored securely in lockable, fire-retardant safe, they need to be filed so that particular documents can be found. Paper forms are easy to lose, misplace and destroy. Ever dropped a cup of coffee on an important document? 

Physical forms pose security challenges when it comes to storage space and transportation too. Secure transportation of important documents is expensive.

Mobile forms are encrypted and all aspects of security are carefully considered. What makes mobile forms more secure than their paper counterparts?

Encrypted-mobile-forms_Étape-1-frigoEncrypted data

Kizeo Forms conforms to industry standard data encryption and encrypts data right from storage to transmission. Form submissions are encrypted with high-grade AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard-256).

GDPR compliance

We take into consideration the 3 main principles of data collection, which include accuracy, storage limitation and security. We collect only the required data and store it in European data centres. 

Form privacy

Our form fields have a number of different functions to protect personal data. We can identify personal data, tag fields, and define visibility conditions. You can also define whether a user can access, transfer or save data depending on their permission rights. 

Spam protection

We discourage robots from automatically completing your form by protecting them with CAPTCHA.

These mobile form security features should come as standard with any mobile form provider, but Kizeo Forms will take your data security to the next level if you’re considering making the switch. The issue of data security runs through all that we do, it forms the basis of any app developments, as we understand that in a data-driven world security must come first. 

What added security considerations do we take to protect your data?

Account security - Kizeo Forms offers a single sign on option and makes all accounts accessible with a company code, username and password for use of the app on mobile devices and tablets. If you are looking to increase the security of your account we also offer two-factor authentication. 

Security audits - We are always looking to identify vulnerabilities, as security risks develop so do we. For this reason we conduct two security audits per year with vulnerabilities corrected swiftly before a security breach is made. 

Network security - Security is at the heart of all Kizeo Forms procedures and we work with a number of certified companies and partners to make our systems secure. We comply with PCI, HDS and HIPAA standards and all data is stored in Amazon Web Services cloud servers. 

Web app security - We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of web app security and are continually keeping up to date with the Open Web Application Security Project’s 10 most important security rules.

Kizeo Forms is pioneering data security in the mobile forms industry and is keen to support businesses in improving their data security. How can you ensure that sensitive data is secure within your business? There are five key principles that should form the basis of data protection regardless of whether you are collecting sensitive data in paper or digital forms. 

  1. Take Stock - know what sensitive data you have in your files and on your computers
  2. Scale down - keep only what is needed for your business, destroy any unnecessary data
  3. Lock it - whether this is a filing cabinet or a digital file. Secure with a padlock or a password
  4. Destroy it - properly dispose of any unwanted data
  5. Plan ahead - Are you planning to collect more sensitive data? How do you plan on securing as you scale?

As more businesses go digital and we are increasingly collecting sensitive data, it is vital that we take data security seriously. As with all digital technologies, security breaches are more sophisticated and ever-changing. Stay up to data and don’t stop learning - stay ahead of the curve! For more interesting reading on how to make your business more secure, read Forbes’ ‘Eight simple but effective ways to improve your company’s data security.’

For more information on how to securely collect sensitive data in a forward-thinking mobile forms app, click here.

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