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26 Jan, 2023

Data security with mobile forms

Are you working in a business that is stuck in an age of paper forms? Are you still printing and signing contracts? Are you requiring expense forms to be completed in hard copy with paper receipts attached? If this sounds like you, you’re likely up against some challenging data security issues. 

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01 Sep, 2022

Improving traceability of data in your company

Implementing a traceability system in a company provides valuable information, both current and historical, on a product or batch. This provides advantages such as knowing the exact location of an item at all times or being able to recall a batch of a product that has been defective.

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19 May, 2022

Sound The Alarm: The Kizeo Forms Security System

Mayday! Mayday! Data breach! Your mobile device has been stolen! Can the thieves access all of your confidential data?! What if they start deleting important information that hasn’t been backed up?! What if they start giving out wrong information?! What if they compromise your business?! WHOA okay, let’s just back up for a moment. No need to panic. Why? Because the Kizeo Forms security system has got you covered. How so, you ask? Well, [...]

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09 Dec, 2021

Share Data safely on the Cloud with Kizeo Forms

Data is a key component of any business. Nowadays it’s essential to be able to share data on the Cloud. Having the ability to access data remotely can be a key differentiator (and facilitator) for your business. Doing so helps your organization boost its productivity, facilitates, and enables better decision-making. In this sense, mobile forms can be a great ally. They allow employees to work remotely, and still access all the [...]

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