04 Jun, 2018

Discover the ingredients to automate and TransFORM the Food and Beverage industry

Food and BeverageForms are used in the Food and Beverage industry throughout the value chain. The features offered by Kizeo Forms can help all the companies in this industry save time and money while performing several complicated functions that could benefit the organisations. With the ever growing demand for food products, companies must aim to automate their processes and provide the best to their consumers.

Discover how Kizeo Forms can benefit the food and beverage industry through-out the value chain:

At each step within the supply chain, Kizeo Forms can help you collect and analyse data obtained from advanced sensor technologies. The offline feature allows you to collect and store information even when an internet connection is not available. The data collected further could help understand and improve operations.Value Chain Food and BeveragepngAgriculture requires monitoring in terms of growth, pest management, nutrient adjustments, fertilizer applications, pH conditions of the soil and a lot more. Only by monitoring this is it possible to provide the best quality crops to the consumers. Once the crops are grown and reach the period of harvestment, they need to be collected and stored. Kizeo Forms can be used to collect all the vital storage elements such as if certain food safety procedures are met, temperature, humidity and yield. By using the data collected, we can also project estimates for the next yield. After collecting and storing the harvest, crops are distributed. Digital Forms can be used to manage your inventory and determine sales. By using Kizeo Forms we can assure the Food and Beverage industry to save time, reduce waste and improve profitability.

An employee at a food processing plant may be collecting data about the color, size, shape, structural properties and chemical composition of all the products received. That data can be shared with the farmer to help him understand the quality of the current harvest and what measures he could take to maintain or improve quality in the future. They could also control the properties of the product using various methods and cater to specific regional markets, based on consumer taste preferences.

Integrate data throughout the value chain

Kizeo Forms can help you integrate the supply chain and revolutionize the Food and Beverage industry.

The form can be used to send alerts and confirmation emails to the desired person. The data collected can further be integrated to several platforms enabling the large scale analysis of data. One can share data in real-time ensuring data availability and reliability. Furthermore one can ensure that all food safety procedures and guidelines are met and take actions if unable to meet the specifications. The digital form can ultimately help protect food safety, assess and improve product quality, improve production efficiencies, avoid/reduce production downtime and reduce costs.

Stay on track with the digital revolution and open the doors to new possibilities! Kizeo Forms can help you leverage digital database requirements and help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Improve/Enhance your supply chain operations by using the Kizeo Forms application. Seamlessly share and analyse information throughout/across the organisation(s).

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