29 Mar, 2021

Field reporting: uses and benefits for your business

What is field reporting?

Until recently, companies were limited to creating their reports in the more traditional way. Recording an activity carried out by field staff, issuing a work order or generating quality control reports are just a few examples of processes that were slowed down.

Collecting and compiling data by hand means long delays in getting the job done, which greatly reduces the company's effectiveness and makes both internal and customer communication very difficult.

Today, many companies still use these traditional reports, but these methods have become too outdated and are still a hindrance to those who use them. That is why millions of companies around the world have started using digital reporting, taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Field reporting is the way to make the most of new technologies, taking advantage of them to streamline work processes, collect data and get things done up to 5 times faster than in the past when they relied on paper and pencil.

Benefits of Digitalising your company's processes

Digital reports make it possible to carry out actions that used to be a long and boring process, such as data collection or the creation of quality reports. In addition, by using all the benefits that technology can offer, it is possible to integrate information in formats other than text. These include images, barcodes, geolocation and even audio, all to improve communication and make the information more understandable for employees and customers. steps-with-kizeo-forms_récap-kf These digital reports provide you with all the information you need in one place, where you can consult and collect data in just a few seconds.

1. Create a digital form

Nowadays there are different solutions in the market for creating digital forms. With them you will be able to collect and process data in a simple way and you will also be able to exploit it in real time through digital reports.

These applications are known as a Forms App.

The main advantage of this type of application is that they are based on mobile technologies, which facilitates the collection of information for those companies that have field workers and need to have instant access to the information.

The forms are created in a simple way with a " drag and drop" system. Simply select from the available field options to build a form. You can then customise the fields and even import your database.

There are a multitude of smart fields ranging from basic fields such as: text, dropdowns, checkboxes... to more complex fields such as: digital signature, barcode reader, GPS reader or multimedia fields (photo and audio).

2. Fill in the form and generate your automatic report.

This automation is possible because this type of tool only works with forms that have associated automated report templates. In other words, when you create a form to collect information, you are also creating the report that accompanies it and that you will be able to visualise afterwards. The advantage is that you can associate one or more reports depending on the use you will give to your form.

Are you looking for a maintenance report and a delivery note with your work report form? You can do so with a forms app.

3. View and export your report

The collected data can further be exported different formats (Excel, PDF and Word).

Most of these types of applications also allow you to connect the data with other business software (Dropbox, ERP, CRM...), so you can launch the information collected in the forms through a simple connection. In this way, you will have much more complete information that can be used by decision makers to implement effective measures.

Benefits of Kizeo Forms for field service

Thanks to Kizeo Forms, it only takes a matter of seconds to collect data. With it, you can easily collect information, images, barcodes and more. Data is centralised and ready to use. There is no need to manually regroup data.

This makes it much easier to ensure that no information is lost along the way.

In addition, this form of automatic data collection and field reporting makes it possible to communicate smoothly and immediately, without relying on physical paperwork. This, together with the possibility of generating automatic reports in record time, means that the work can be carried out much more quickly and effectively than using traditional methods. As a result, the time taken can be reduced by up to 30%.

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