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17 Feb, 2022

Collecting data is great - but what should you do next?

Despite what many people think, the data collection process is not an end in itself. This is a very common misconception. Data collection is, on the contrary, the first of a thorough set of steps that involves the analysis, interpretation, and comparison of all of the collected information. In this blog, we will guide you through every one of these steps. By the time you finish reading, you will be a professional data analyst.

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29 Mar, 2021

Field reporting: uses and benefits for your business

What is field reporting? Until recently, companies were limited to creating their reports in the more traditional way. Recording an activity carried out by field staff, issuing a work order or generating quality control reports are just a few examples of processes that were slowed down. Collecting and compiling data by hand means long delays in getting the job done, which greatly reduces the company's effectiveness and makes both [...]

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02 Feb, 2021

Optimise your field service report with Kizeo Forms

For people managing field services, every task such as assigning jobs to technicians, creating a report or tracking activities can be a challenge. Field service management can be time-consuming and inefficient, and sometimes managers are forced to work more or less in the dark until they receive reports at the end of each day, if they are lucky. In this context, field service management tools such as Kizeo Forms have been a great help [...]

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08 Jan, 2020

The perfect mobile application for reporting information from the field

Information gathered from the field is a valuable source of information for your company. Therefore, it is essential not to overlook the collection and storage of this information. After all, no one is unaware of the Latin expression: Once spoken, gone; Once written, eternal. This is why Kizeo Forms is the application you need to facilitate reporting from the field!

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