10 Jul, 2020

Importance of mobile applications in digital transformation

Digital transformation has a powerful impact on all businesses and employees. According to a study by the Everest Group, 73% of companies failed to derive any business value from their digital transformation efforts . It is essential for companies to have a comprehensive outlook. They must recognise and understand the importance of mobile applications in digital transformation.

Mobile is the heart of your digital transformation journey

Mobile apps should take the center stage in your digital transformation strategy. Here are a few reasons why mobile is the heart of your digital transformation journey:

  • Mobile is one of the most convenient and accessible mediums to ensure connectivity.

  • Mobile helps employees to access and share content on the go, at any time and from anywhere. It is ideal for real-time updates to make quick and relevant decisions.

  • It can help your business move forward to the next phase. It opens a portal for constant innovation. It is an ideal medium to stay up to date with latest technologies.

  • Mobile apps can easily track the tasks completed by team members. Furthermore, enterprises can generate a dashboard that allows controlling users, systems, and approvals. These processes and workflows can be automated to save time and money.

  • Mobile apps are flexible and can be easily integrated on to various other systems.

  • Companies with lesser mobility suffer from low quality data and increase in costs.

Some key figures to represent the importance of mobile applications in digital transformation

mobile first digital transformation infographic

The Kizeo Forms app to digitalise your business!

Make Kizeo Forms the heart of your digital transformation journey. It is an all in one app that allows you to record data on the field. The data is then transformed and transferred to the right person at the right time. Furthermore, it is the ideal app to manage workflows, automate processes and integrate information on your business systems.

"We use Kizeo every day within the business. I am an  advocate for Kizeo within the UK and I am championing its implementation  within all areas of the business within the UK. At present, we have completed  6222 forms and there are  49 types of forms. The forms we use are timesheets, risk assessments, permits, electrical testing certificates and a suite of health and safety forms. I have created all the forms we currently use. All levels of the organisation use the forms  from  operators on site to directors. The  transition has been great and people are getting excited and realising the benefits" - Gianluca Di Fruscia, Bouygues Energies & Services Solutions UK

Just follow a few steps to create your free trial account and discover the plethora of opportunities

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Create your form on the web platform Collect data on your mobile device / tablet  Send data analyse and make business decisions


Go digital today!

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