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21 Jul, 2022

What are the risks of not going digital?

With the latest digital transformation boom, several companies are thinking of putting in place a digital strategy. It has been proven as a key driver toward growth and also provides a competitive advantage.

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02 Jun, 2022

How Can I Turn My Organisation into a Data-Driven One?

Striving for continual increases in productivity, improvements in quality, and advances in efficacy and efficiency is essential when it comes to maintaining a successful business. Not only that; businesses fueled by organisational insights are often cited among the most prosperous. It is frequently said that insight-driven organisations become leaders in innovation largely due to their data-driven perspectives. This is because [...]

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02 Mar, 2021

Benefits of the digitalization of processes

During this last decade, new technologies have found different avenues to break new ground, especially in the corporate world. Thanks to technology, processes that until recently were carried out slowly, manually and with some failures, have now become automatic. These actions have catapulted all those companies that have automated processes to achieve great success. Adoption of digitization in business models helps in increasing [...]

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10 Jul, 2020

Importance of mobile applications in digital transformation

Digital transformation has a powerful impact on all businesses and employees. According to a study by the Everest Group, 73% of companies failed to derive any business value from their digital transformation efforts . It is essential for companies to have a comprehensive outlook. They must recognise and understand the importance of mobile applications in digital transformation. Mobile is the heart of your digital transformation journey [...]

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