17 Mar, 2022

Perform Better Inspections with This Mobile Forms App

Conducting inspections is a fundamental part of making sure everything is in order and according to the current regulations. They can be carried out on vehicles, houses, and offices. Even pest inspections are mandatory for certain establishments.

These inspections can be challenging. They require you to pay attention to a large number of details on a limited timeline. Consequently, counting on an efficient gadget to help you during this task, can ease your everyday work. Kizeo Forms can be your “partner in crime” to carry out detailed site surveys.

In this blog, we will walk you through some of the assets that make this forms app the perfect tool for you.

Checklists, your new best friend

One of the most considerable features Kizeo Forms presents is the possibility of creating checklists on your form. Checklists provide the following benefits:

  • They guarantee you won’t omit important details
  • They are easy to fill out
  • They provide accountability
  • They help you collect detailed information in a clear way

Building inspector assesing a sites safety

Of course, each inspection checklist will be specific to that inspection process. For example, if what is being inspected is the safety of a workplace, this checklist might include: 

  • Assessing the use of proper protection equipment
  • Identifying hazardous elements 
  • Checking for available fire extinguishers
  • Ensuring employees are appropriately trained to perform CPR

By using Kizeo’s mobile forms app, items on these lists might be added or modified, at any time through its “drag and drop” feature. This allows you to continuously improve your inspection checklists.

Female inspector taking a picture of an evaluated site

Images speak better than words do

When carrying out an inspection, it is useful to include photos in your report. As you know, images convey messages better than words do, and they might help you build more detailed surveys.

Kizeo Forms’ solution allows you to add as many images as you need, at no additional cost.

Let’s put this into action. Imagine you are a vehicle inspector, and you’re trying to establish a flaw in a truck’s bumper. Instead of using a thousand words to describe what’s wrong with it, taking a photo will save you significant time.

Male inspector using Kizeo Forms drawing element to report on a flawed building

If you found the “image” feature interesting, then you will be thrilled with the following one: the “drawing element”. This functionality allows the user to make a sketch, or choose a picture from a mobile device (Photo Library) and then draw on it to report a problem, for example.

Let’s continue using the vehicle inspection case we just went through. By taking advantage of the drawing element, you will be able to choose the photo you’ve taken and circle the exact area where the flaw is. If you are looking for detailed reports, this is the way to go!

Say goodby to piles of papers

Let’s be honest, carrying out an inspection and having to take notes at the same time is no piece of cake. While doing so, details might be missed, and mistakes can easily be made. In addition to this, having to digitalise on-site notes is time-consuming and error-prone.

On top of everything mentioned above, when working with paper forms, information is at risk of being misunderstood. If a person’s handwriting is sloppy or illegible, the reader might not understand what has been written and make a mistaken interpretation. Also, coffee or water might get spilt over paper documents, hence making impossible its digitalisation.

Male inspector conducting a site survey

Fortunately, mobile forms tackle many of the issues mentioned above. By providing a clear way of performing surveys, they lower the chances of errors happening. Also, given that these forms are simple to fill out, more attention can be paid to what is being inspected.

Additionally, most form creator apps are Cloud-based. Consequently, all of the information collected through form builder apps will be automatically stored in the Cloud. This brings various benefits:

  • There will be no need for digitalising information gathered during assessments. Inspectors will be able to use this valuable time on analysing the collected data, or other tasks.

  • There will be no risk of losing information, or not knowing where to find it. Team members will be able to access it at any time with just a few taps. Also, data stored in the Cloud is protected by several cybersecurity measures, which will prevent it from being stolen. Kizeo Forms, for example, complies with GDPR and performs bi-annual background checks and security audits to guarantee the safety of its users’ information.

Male inspector and female assistant collecting data using Kizeo Forms

As you can see, Kizeo Forms is the ideal tool for carrying out inspections. Its easy-to-fill forms allow you to collect precise data, without missing out on any detail. Also, its smart features will enable you to perform in-depth assessments. Additionally, through its “drag and drop” feature, you will be able to create as many forms as needed, in a simple and fast way. This will guarantee you always have the form you need in handy.

Kizeo Forms can take your inspections to the next level! Are you ready to partner with us and build outstanding reports? Check out our website and schedule a free trial.

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