18 Jun, 2018

Digitally on the move with Kizeo Forms: Forms for Real Estate inspections!

Simplify Relocations

Over 5,00,000 people relocate in the UK each year. There is an increasing demand to automate the process of inventory checks in the real estate industry for quick and easy relocations. The inventory checks of all the fixtures is a long and tedious operation. All the more so when you do this with a paper form. Furthermore, paper forms have to be securely stored/archived and are prone to errors/misplacement and it becomes very difficult or sometimes impossible to correct an error on an inventory record.

Kizeo Forms helps real estate agents face the new challenges of the profession.

Real Estate Inspection Form

ReFORMed and rising technologies in Real Estate

The digital transformation of companies is inescapable. The arrival of the internet has profoundly changed the world of real estate intermediation. Forty years ago, the search for real estate was done through agencies and other middle men. Tomorrow we will not even need to move an inch. Under the momentum of new technologies, the real estate sector offers new perspectives such as:

Virtual RealityVirtual reality: Using a virtual reality helmet the future tenant can visit and view his apartment virtually. He could virtually move from room to room and get a 360 view of the property by merely turning his head.

QR CodeVirtual visits on computer or tablet: You can organize a virtual visit on a tablet or smartphone. Using a QR Code, it is possible to discover the property and view it with your loved ones from your devices.


Home inspectionManage inventory inspections of the property: The Kizeo Forms application helps in generating a personalized inventory checklist. The conditions of each room can be noted by adding photographs of a damaged wall, peeling paint and more. The agents could also have the tenant sign on the mobile directly. Once you have finished filling out the form, your inventory is automatically generated in PDF format and can be automatically sent as an email.

home inspectionThe benefits of the inventory checklist

The advisor and the client can add as many photos as they wish to the inventory. In addition, they can use the tablet or smartphone to take photographs and also add sound files. Dictate your expertise aloud with the voice dictation field.

The inventory of fixtures are bulky documents. They comprise on average 5 pages of paper. This represents an excessive amount of paper as well as a high resource cost. Kizeo Forms can help save paper, money and time

The digital revolution brings added value to your customers. Increase customer satisfaction by being more efficient and automating the processes.

Go digital today!

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