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12 Dec, 2019

The application for Real estate agents seeking to streamline their processes

Real estate agent's work largely involves mobility. It involves time-consuming administrative and operational activities. Fortunately, today our phone can become a valuable tool. Simply use the right real estate agent application, simplify processes and maximize turnover! There are many types of applications on the market. For example, to measure areas, create plans, sell properties, CRM and edit photos. Also, there are others that [...]

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18 Jun, 2018

Digitally on the move with Kizeo Forms: Forms for Real Estate inspections!

Simplify Relocations Over 5,00,000 people relocate in the UK each year. There is an increasing demand to automate the process of inventory checks in the real estate industry for quick and easy relocations. The inventory checks of all the fixtures is a long and tedious operation. All the more so when you do this with a paper form. Furthermore, paper forms have to be securely stored/archived and are prone to errors/misplacement and it [...]

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