05 Feb, 2021

Mobile forms for installation and maintenance

For industries with several assets, regular maintenance and installation occurs on a daily basis. Using paper forms to record this information can lead to several errors and time lost. In this digital age it is ideal to use a mobile forms app for your data collection activities. This enables you to record data directly from your smartphone or tablet. According to a research, Poor maintenance strategies can reduce a company’s production capacity by  as much as 20%!

Kizeo Forms the ideal mobile app for all your installation and maintenance activities!

Kizeo Forms is the ideal mobile solution for all types of field services. The solution consists of an online form builder used to create your forms and a mobile application. The maintenance and installation employees can use this mobile app to collect data in the field. It runs on cloud services and hence doesn't require any installation on your computer. Maintenance report data flow with Kizeo Forms.Advantages and key benefits of using Kizeo Forms:

  • Send information in real time and in the format of your choice. You can easily assign and manage all your installation and maintenance work orders.

  • Ensure that your maintenance team is equipped with right tools in order to carry out the task. Avoid repeat visits and save time and resources.

  • Follow standard operating procedures by attaching the document to the form and creating a checklist. This helps you ensure that everything is in order and respects the required standards.
  • Collaborate between your teams to ensure that the information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

  • Move towards predictive and preventative maintenance. The data collected from the field can be analysed to plan checks and services at the right time and in advance. This helps you avoid critical failures and stay ahead of unprofitable situations.
  • Manage all your purchase order approvals instantly from your mobile device. The digital signature option further helps you authenticate and authorise these purchase orders.

According to a research, 80% of manufacturing plants use preventive maintenance. Over half of these manufacturing plants use predictive maintenance with analytical tools.

Hear from our customer..

"To my astonishment, the implementation of the application was quite simple. My colleagues were particularly seduced by the  pre-filled intervention vouchers. My team quickly saw what Kizeo Forms could bring them:  a considerable amount of time saved. I  estimate our time saved to be within a range of  one hour to two hours a week." --Guillaume Jouault, Flunity Services. Flunity Services is a company specialised in  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and more specifically in  HVAC services.

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