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28 Jul, 2022

Easily create and fill out your Work Order forms

A work order also referred to as a work ticket, repair form or service form is a signed contract between a customer and a contractor. It authorises the contractor to conduct the work outlined in the form. The form explicitly outlines the scope of work to be performed by the client, including costs of materials.

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05 Aug, 2021

Gain in productivity with digital work orders

Do you usually have to visit your customers for an electrical installation, a pest inspection or a building restoration? These observations are normally reported on paperwork orders. The orders have to be processed manually in order to define the necessary documents for the initiation and follow-up of the service, such as estimates, invoices...). Using paperwork orders have many operational drawbacks: they are time-consuming to fill [...]

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24 Feb, 2021

How to create digital work orders?

A work order is a document in which all the information for a job or service is included. It specifies the instructions, the details of the people involved, the materials that will be needed, the costs, the deadlines, the place where the work will be carried out and, in short, all the information related to the activity. A work order serves to plan and manage projects that take place outside the office and is a proof and guarantee of [...]

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05 Feb, 2021

Mobile forms for installation and maintenance

For industries with several assets, regular maintenance and installation occurs on a daily basis. Using paper forms to record this information can lead to several errors and time lost. In this digital age it is ideal to use a mobile forms app for your data collection activities. This enables you to record data directly from your smartphone or tablet. According to a research, Poor maintenance strategies can reduce a company’s production [...]

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