17 Apr, 2018

Sow the seeds of Digital TransFORMation – Discover Digital Forms for Agriculture

Farmers are on the field working hard every day to provide for our daily necessities. Kizeo Forms tries to ease the life of these farmers by eliminating the paperwork that the farmers have to oblige with on a daily basis and replace them with digital forms! Kizeo Forms can revolutionize the administrative processes in Agriculture!

Food for thought!

Food for thought

A research by PA Consulting shows that the digital agriculture market is predicted to triple to $15 billion by 2021. This growth includes the value of software, algorithms, platforms and links between farming and technology hardware

Digital Forms For Agriculture

Kizeo Forms can digitize agriculture by:

HARVESTing data

HarvesterFarmers have to record a lot of field data on a daily basis. Remote sensing and enhanced agricultural technology has automated this process. Digital forms can be used to record, transfer and analyze this data


PackagesAgriculture involves several key players, data has to be transferred from the financiers to the logistics team and to the farmers. Kizeo Forms can help in digitizing this process by allowing the transfer of this important data via digital forms thereby cutting costs and saving time in an eco-friendly manner. Data can be transferred from the farmers to the retailers and the distributors providing information on the quality of the crop, growth stage etc.

Smart analysis and communication

Smart AnalysisCrop monitoring can aid in sales forecast and in return advise can be provided on how to improve farming methods to enhance sales. All this data can be transferred on the go and in real time with Kizeo Forms!



Employee time-sheets can be recorded and monitored using Kizeo Forms. This provides a clear picture and count of all employees as well as offers the possibility to analyze the work done easing the Human Resources Management process.

In conclusion, Digital forms can optimize the entire value chain in the Agricultural industry!

Digitization in the agriculture industry“With Kizeo Forms, we can generate data from the field saving time and paper. We were able to generate quality reports, sales value estimates and personnel registrations. We managed to get the company to have a report 5 times faster” - César Suárez from the Michelle company (fruit producers) in Costa Rica.


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