24 Dec, 2019

Top 10 mobile forms for the agriculture industry

For the agriculture industry, the transmission of information from the field is one of the key activities. Through this article learn about the most used mobile forms for the agriculture industry and how to create them using the Kizeo Forms app. Go paperless and optimize information flow within your enterprise. The agriculture industry is packed with activities that require data collection directly from the field! Mobility is key to obtain a competitive advantage. Check out the list of mobile forms that you can easily create and fill out from the remotest cultivation areas with the Kizeo Forms application!

Crop inspections with Kizeo FormsCrop Inspections

Record cultivation and harvest dates, amount of pesticide, herbicide and fertilizers applied, root health and more directly from your mobile device. Perform and plan routine checks to ensure high quality harvest. Furthermore, you can analyze the data collected to predict harvest quantities and dates and optimize your processes.

Agricultural equipment inspections with Kizeo FormsEquipment Maintenance

Perform routine checks of all agriculture equipments, irrigation equipments to limit depreciation and improve the performance of the tools. Ensure you use quality equipments for a quality produce by performing regular maintenance checks with the Kizeo Forms application.

Tractor inspections with Kizeo FormsTractor Inspections

Tractors used for agriculture have to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance. Monitor and maintain tractors using the tractor inspection form, check if all parts are operable or needs any repair and assign the right person for the repairs directly from your mobile or tablet.

Quality sampling with Kizeo FormsQuality sampling

Maintaining high quality standards is extremely important in Agriculture. To ensure that only high quality produce is distributed, quality inspections have to be performed. Record your produce observations on your mobile, capture photos and segregate the produce that needs to be distributed to your consumers.

Soil testing with Kizeo FormsSoil testing

Understand the soil's nutrient holding capacity by performing surface and deep soil analysis and record the information on the Kizeo Forms application. Ensure that the soil is ideal for your crops.

Regulatory policies with Kizeo FormsRegulatory policies

There are several regulatory policies that have to be followed in agriculture. Create a checklist using the Kizeo Forms app and perform audits to ensure that all these policies and standards are being followed to avoid legal disputes.

crop inventory with Kizeo FormsCrop Inventory- Harvest Declaration

Keep a detailed inventory of your crops.  Record your harvest yield, the amount used on-farm, the amount retained for seed, amount lost in damages and use the data collected to predict your harvest in the future and optimize the monitoring process.

hazardous wasteHazardous waste inspection

Ensure that your agriculture waste is properly managed with the Kizeo Forms app. Monitor if the waste bins are properly labelled and hazardous waste is properly disposed in accordance with the regulations.

rain gauge monitoringRain gauge monitoring

Monitoring the rains is highly essential for any cultivation. Slightly more or less water can affect final produce. Identify rain trends and be prepared in advance for floods and draught by performing everyday checks and recording the data on your application.

Timesheet with Kizeo formsTimesheets

Note hours worked, process and approve leave requests of all your employees by creating your timesheets with Kizeo Forms.

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