19 May, 2022

Sound The Alarm: The Kizeo Forms Security System

Mayday! Mayday! Data breach! Your mobile device has been stolen!

Can the thieves access all of your confidential data?! What if they start deleting important information that hasn’t been backed up?! What if they start giving out wrong information?! What if they compromise your business?!

WHOA okay, let’s just back up for a moment. No need to panic. Why? Because the Kizeo Forms security system has got you covered.
How so, you ask? Well, like every security system worth its salt, our system has security barriers in place to ensure your peace of mind:

Two-factor authentication

This method is so convenient and effective that we have applied it to our mobile forms app for security’s sake. As you can tell by the name, this method requires two different types of information to verify the identity of a user. It allows for the use of a username and password, but with an added bonus: a unique security code that changes by the minute and prevents “burglars” from “breaking in.” This makes data robbery a pain for the thief rather than for you!

Happy young woman collecting data using Kizeo FormsData recovery

Scared that you might lose important information if your digital device is stolen? You are FAR from alone. We know that the prospect of losing your phone is awful, but even if worst came to worst and that did happen, we’ve got your back. Never fear: for guaranteed data loss prevention, all data collected through Kizeo’s mobile forms is actually stored in Kizeo’s servers! Our solution ensures that we can recover and replicate the necessary information on another device even if a phone is lost. This allows us to recover drafts that were previously created by you, the user, even if there’s been a data breach. Don’t worry: you can rest assured!

Young brunette businessman relieved after having recovered organisational data using Kizeo Forms

Profile administration

We’ve got one more data-safety barrier in place, the cherry on top of the sundae. In order to prevent outsider access to your data, through our Kizeo Forms user administration, an admin can deactivate any user profile once that user’s device has been stolen. So you won’t need to worry about the damage a hacker could inflict!

Male businessman focused on managing profiles on his Kizeo Forms platform

It’s true: nowadays, technology theft is commonplace, and it can cause both headache and heartache. But, if you choose Kizeo’s mobile forms app, our top-notch security standards (which you can learn even more about by visiting our website) will provide some pain relief.

That’s a data loss prevention PROMISE.

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