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13 Apr, 2023

10 business trends to watch out for in 2023

Two years of government restrictions and a shake up of the norm meant we weren’t ready to return to offices and go back to business as usual in 2022. We had a business reset and, with rising costs and inflation making an impact worldwide, businesses were forced to rethink office expenditures and traditional ways of working. Where once managers would have expected long hours and mandated commutes into an office, we saw a shift to hybrid [...]

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02 Mar, 2021

Benefits of the digitalization of processes

During this last decade, new technologies have found different avenues to break new ground, especially in the corporate world. Thanks to technology, processes that until recently were carried out slowly, manually and with some failures, have now become automatic. These actions have catapulted all those companies that have automated processes to achieve great success. Adoption of digitization in business models helps in increasing [...]

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