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07 May, 2018

Digitization of Education: InFORM with Digital Forms!

The smartphone is a key educational tool that can serve as a stepping stone to digitization of school education: More than 95% of 18 to 25 year olds own a smartphone: it is the most used tool to connect to the internet, so much so that it has become omnipresent in our lives. Indeed, our connection time is on average 4 hours per day. Today, the use of the smartphone is oriented to fun activities. However, it is also an ideal tool for [...]

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28 Aug, 2017

6 Reasons To Start The School Year With Digital Forms

Whether you are a high school teacher or a college professor, you spend countless hours working on student assignments and preparing lessons. Using digital forms can significantly improve the impact and efficiency of your work and help your pupils as well. Let’s see the six reasons why you should start the school year with digital forms.

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