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19 May, 2022

Sound The Alarm: The Kizeo Forms Security System

Mayday! Mayday! Data breach! Your mobile device has been stolen! Can the thieves access all of your confidential data?! What if they start deleting important information that hasn’t been backed up?! What if they start giving out wrong information?! What if they compromise your business?! WHOA okay, let’s just back up for a moment. No need to panic. Why? Because the Kizeo Forms security system has got you covered. How so, you ask? Well, [...]

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03 Jan, 2022

Start using Mobile Forms and Stop Losing your Data

Still collecting data using paper? Besides all its environmental drawbacks, using paper to gather information is no longer efficient. Paper documents get lost and they demand large spaces to be kept in, where they usually get old and blurry. Especially in today’s context, where the rise of telework has made it indispensable to share information online, using paper shouldn’t even be an option. The advantages that cloud data provides are [...]

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